What's in Your Closet?

Why do you wear what you wear? Do you rifle through your closet, searching for a jacket that fits your exact mood? Or do you pick out the first clean, folded shirt in the drawer and think no further? The way people express themselves through clothing serves as a medium through which we interact and evaluate others. A person’s outfit can indicate where she’s from, where she’s been, where she wants to go. Outfits can demonstrate and inform one’s comfort, confidence, and creativity. They can reveal cultural meanings and larger sociological phenomenon. Why do Bowdoin students choose to wear certain articles of clothing? Which pieces are most valuable to their identities?

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Class of 2019 | Austin, TX


Class of 2018 | Baltimore, MD


Class of 2020 | New York, NY


Class of 2019 | New York, NY


Class of 2021 | Chicago, IL