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Warmings Market: That Convenience Store by Brunswick Apartments

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Written by Evan Marrow

In Lowkey & Local, staff writer Evan Marrow searches for hidden gems in Midcoast Maine’s food scene, highlighting the best, most overlooked food in the area.

As a food reviewer, I feel that it is my duty to challenge a restaurant’s Yelp ratings. Seemingly every convenience store in the mid-coast area that is titled “Someone’s Market” has above four stars on the review site. Whether that is a product of biased locals, hospitality, or the actual quality of the food I do not know. So, this week I went to Warmings Market, to see if the store lives up to its lofty Yelp reviews.

Warmings Market, located across Maine Street from Brunswick apartments, prides itself on its subs. Their signature sandwich is the Poorboy, a hot sub containing ham, provolone cheese, and tomato. However, with the addition of bacon and pepperoni, the Poorboy becomes the Richestman--the sandwich I ordered when I went.

Any good sandwich is built upon a quality bun. The Richestman’s foundation is a sub roll that is toasted only on the top. This provides an initial crunch to the bite of the sandwich, followed by a fluffy interior that effectively soaks up the juices of the tomatoes and meats to provide more flavor. The cheese on the Richestman is phenomenal as well. Melted over the bed of pepperoni, bacon, ham and tomato, the provolone provides richness to the sub and a satisfying cheese pull as you take the two halves of the sandwich apart.

The Richestman’s weakness is not its ingredients, but rather the ratio between them. Although the cheese is my favorite part of the sub, it is not complemented by enough meat or tomato. Therefore, the flavor profile of the sandwich lacks depth as it is dominated by the provolone. Also, the tomatoes are sliced rather than stewed, providing a strange texture within the context of a hot sub.

Despite its deficiencies, for $6.50 the Richestman at Warmings Market is well-worth the price and deserving of its four star Yelp status. So, if one night any of you Brunswick apartment residents are sick of walking to Thorne in the freezing cold, Warmings provides you with an inexpensive and reliable option.


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