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Libby's Market

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Written by Evan Marrow

Photo by Chris Ritter

In Lowkey & Local, staff writer Evan Marrow searches for hidden gems in Midcoast Maine’s food scene, highlighting the best, most overlooked food in the area.

The most popular seafood spots in Maine are usually accompanied by a picturesque coastal backdrop and a catchy proclamation on their storefront. However, some of the best ones have much humbler exteriors. Tucked away within the residential backstreets of Brunswick, Libby’s Market looks like any other neighborhood convenience store. But amongst the bags of chips, pre-made coffee and lottery tickets, Libby’s offers a lobster roll that lives up to its modestly displayed awards as one of the best in the Midcoast region.

Their approach to the Maine staple is simple: let the lobster do the talking. Libby’s only uses lobsters that are caught the same morning by its owner. As a result, the freshness of the meat itself provides a depth of flavor that does not require a heavy presence of condiments. Libby’s acknowledges this, adding only a small amount of mayonnaise that applies a creamy texture to the meat. The lobster-to-mayo ratio is key, as too much mayo overwhelms the lobster’s taste, and leaves you questioning why you paid the hefty market price. If there is too little, the roll lacks a textural buffer zone between the meat and the roll.

Another quality-determining factor besides a lobster roll’s contents is its price. A significant fee is unavoidable, but the amount of meat that different restaurants provide per dollar varies. Although most lobster rolls utilize hot dog buns, the traditional method suffices at Libby’s. They employ eight-inch sub rolls for their “small” instead, as nothing else could adequately contain the immense volume of lobster they pack into each one, making the $17.00 market price well worth it.

At Libby’s Market, what they lack in aesthetic, they make up for in their rendition of a Maine classic. So the next time you see a flashy restaurant on the coast, don’t believe that’s the best the state has to offer.


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