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Bath's Got Banging Barbecue at Beale Street

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

By: Evan Marrow

Photo By: Chris Ritter

In Lowkey & Local, staff writer Evan Marrow searches for hidden gems in Midcoast Maine’s food scene, highlighting the best, most overlooked food in the area.

Amongst the brick laden downtown area of Bath lies Beale Street Barbecue, an emulation of a Memphis style joint whose approach to the cuisine is straight to the point. Its dimly lit interior and bare storefront elicit a Nighthawks vibe, while its friendly atmosphere and excellent service reflect hospitality from the south itself. As far as the food goes, the pulled pork is the main attraction as it was featured in the Boston Globe, and I had to try it for myself.

I ordered the brisket and pulled pork combo, a hefty serving of each meat piled on top of a bed of jalapeno cornbread with sweet potato mash and BBQ beans on the side. The pulled pork was as ad

vertised, melt in your mouth tenderness and coated with a quality rub whose flavor harmonized well with their tangy house sauce. However, their brisket did not impress, as its dry rub was let down by a leaner cut of meat, packing less moisture and flavor than fattier cuts. To my surprise, the core of the whole dish was the cornbread. Since it lies beneath all the meat, it soaks up the juices from the pork and brisket along with excess sauce, combining with the jalapeno to deliver a flavorful bite.

The prices are bit less lowkey than my other reviews ($22), but for the large portions that Beale Street provides they are definitely worth it. So if you like barbecue, or are from the south and want a little reminder of home, take the time to go out to Bath and taste some exceptional food.


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