On The Run

Where are you going when you don't have a destination? What causes you to stop somewhere along the way? How do you find a sense of belonging in a foreign place? Do you embody the spirit of your surroundings to express yourself, or become imperceptible in a sea of familiarity?


Maybe you will like belonging. Maybe you will want to return where you started, or realize you never knew where you started at all. Wonder and circumstance will lead you to a place where you will learn to love uncertainty.

You are on a journey.

You are on the run.

Photographer: Kayli Weiss

Models: Alana Morrison, Alex Uys, & Hideyoshi Akai

Stylist: Amani Hite

Directed by Kayli Weiss & Amani Hite

Written by Hailey Wozniak & Kayli Weiss

Spring 2018