Avant Garb Mag interviewed Maggie Savage who shared about gold accessories, the influence of family, and never sticking to one style.

Interview by Abby Kelly

Photos by Franklin Taylor

AK: What’s in your closet?

MS: I would say that I have such eccentric pieces of clothing in my closet. I don’t really have one set style. I wouldn’t categorize myself as like Boho or trendy or preppy or anything, I kind of have combined all of the different aspects into one. It’s like a collection of things that just have been accumulated over the years. But as for my style, I’d say that I like to take classic things, like pretty simple things like black, white, and red pieces and kind of add an edgy twist on it. So I’ll have shirts that I really like, and then I’ll try to add a jacket with it, or cool earrings or something like that, that I can just accessorize it with. I’m really into vintage stuff right now so that’s kind of where I’m at with regards to my style. I’m super into different colors of polka dots. I’m also super into some retro-stuff right now and wearing that with boots and big jackets and earrings and what not.


AK: How has your style changed over the years from high school to college?

MS: You don’t even know how much it’s changed. It’s so much different. I went to Deerfield Academy which is a prep school and I think that it’s changed so much. I was so preppy. I look back on my pictures from freshman year of high school and I’m like, what am I wearing? Like, what could possibly have gone through my mind to make me wear this right now? But I still have some things from Deerfield that have really shaped who I’ve become and how my style has changed. You can still see hints of preppy-ness throughout my closet. I have dresses with gingham and stuff that can be categorized as preppy and similarly I have this skirt that’s preppy but I like to style it with a leather jacket or something like that.


AK: Why did your style divert from being preppy? What influenced your change in style?

MS: I think that when I came to Bowdoin, I experienced so many different kinds of people and cultures and perspectives that I really saw what other people were wearing and I was like, wow, this is such a cool thing, these are so many cool different trends that I had never really been exposed to before. Deerfield is very one-dimensional in a way that people dress preppy and that was really it. People didn’t really stylize things according to what they really wanted and so when I came here, I think that it was so much more individualistic in a way that I could express myself in ways that I didn’t really know how to before.

AK: Can you pick out an item that has a special meaning or story?

MS: My dad went to Bowdoin and he gave me his varsity letter from Bowdoin. He played rugby, hockey, and lacrosse and my mom also went here and was a diver, so they gave it to me when I found out I was coming to Bowdoin. I guess going along with that, I really love things that my parents pass down to me which have accumulated to be more things than I recognize, like my dad’s scarf that I wear a lot and it has cool little skulls on it. I’d say a lot of things that my parents give me are super special to me.


AK: Tell me about your accessories.

MS: I’m not really the biggest accessory girl, I know a lot of people love to wear a lot of rings and what not. I like to keep it pretty dainty I’d say, so I’ll have gold accessories, like this one my mom got me with my birthstone and then this one I got when I was traveling, but I’d say really simple gold accessories. I wear hoops almost every day and then I’ll wear simple gold necklaces like this, which I really like that adds a little bit of style. They just add some daintiness to it. I don’t usually go too crazy with the accessories.


AK: Why is style important to your identity? What does it mean to you and how do you express yourself through it?

MS: I’d say fashion honestly has become such a cornerstone to my identity and that it has really been a vehicle for which I can express myself. I think that a lot of people have different ways of doing that. Some people like expressing themselves through painting, and photography and stuff like that and fashion has really been a creative license for me to express who I am. I think that, like I said, it has changed a lot in that it’s kind of evolved with me and I think that’s really special to me and that I can see my change throughout who I’ve become, from when I was younger to now, it’s really shown me how much I’ve grown and how much I’ve changed and I think that’s really special. You can see that through clothing and I think that’s really awesome.


AK: Should fashion be discussed, and if so, why?

MS: I think that fashion, kind of like I said, is such an important thing to be discussed because it is so fundamental to people’s identities’ and I think that what people wear and how people dress is really expressive of who they are as a person. I think it also tells a lot of different stories like their upbringing and where they come from. It tells a lot of stories without stories even having to be told, which I think is really interesting. I also think that it’s not really discussed at Bowdoin enough in the way that you can express yourself and I think that it should be discussed more. I love when people come up to me and they’re like, “oh where did you get that” or “why are you wearing what you’re wearing?” and stuff like that which is really nice because it allows you to tell a story and really express yourself.


AK: What are your favorite pieces?

MS: This is one of my favorite pieces [dress]. It kind of goes along with the retro style of what I’ve been currently experiencing. I got this last year and I love to pair it with a jean jacket. I’ve been really into black and white and red recently, so I would pair it with something like this [red jacket] which I think is pretty stylish and retro right now. I’m super into jackets like this one, I got it from Estilo. I walked in and was like “I need to have that.”

AK: Is there anything in your closet that you feel you can’t wear or you feel like isn’t a part of your style that you wish you could incorporate?

MS: I totally have one. Boyfriend jeans. I wish I could wear them so badly. I just can’t. My body just does not allow me to wear them. I wish I could pull off boyfriend jeans.