Black: a word that goes beyond color. History: a long tradition of strength, power, resilience, and wisdom. Month: a commemoration of greatness and empowerment. ForUsByUs is not just a lookbook. It is a movement that celebrates authenticity, identity, and beauty within all forms of blackness. 

#BlackHistoryMonth #BlackExcellence #BlackBoyJoy #BlackGirlMagic #BlackIsBeautiful #BlackLove #BlackPower #BlackHair

From Diana Ross and Grace Jones to Kanye West and Jean-Michel Basquiet, blackness and fashion have served as multifaceted platforms to challenge the doubters through artistic expression. ForUsByUs provides a mix of versatile style, taste, hues, and perspectives. This lookbook is blackness in its purest form as art was not designed for us but we made it #ForUsByUs. 









Photographers: Darius Riley, Amani Hite, & Kayli Weiss

Models: Matt Williams, Jaden Dixon, Lisette Watters, Naomi Jabouin, Isel Fitzgerald, Yeujay Reeves, Chaz Phillips, Darius Riley, Alana Morrison, Neoma Daniel, Anaralys Baez Sanchez, Robert Adams, Dani Hove, & Ivy Williams

Stylist: Amani Hite

HMUA: Amani Hite

Directed by Amani Hite, Darius Riley, & Kayli Weiss

Written by Amani Hite and Hailey Wozniak

Spring 2018