In an interview with his cousin, Evan Marrow discusses the influence of his granddad’s hand-me-downs, his passion for sports, and his dream of eventually creating a brand for himself.

Interview by Rebecca Marrow

Photos by Chris Ritter

What’s in your closet? 

I’d say it’s a mixture of things. When I was a freshman or sophomore in high school, that’s when I actually became conscious about what I was wearing. I started off really preppy because that’s all anyone ever wore at my high school. It’s like a lot of Patagonia and whatnot, but I think over time, I started to get more influenced by streetwear. I think because of that, there’s still a little bit of preppiness as a back-up outfit because I haven’t necessarily acquired enough clothes to fit into the streetwear realm.

How would you describe your style now? 

I guess I’d say streetwear is the simplest explanation now. I found a lot of jackets in my granddad’s closet recently which I’ve really liked. It’s definitely a lot more gratifying to find clothes like hand-me-downs, and at thrift stores, rather than shopping online because it’s like, “oh this is sick and nobody can really find this anywhere else.”


What is a typical outfit for you?

Probably like jeans and a sweater and some sneakers because it’s comfortable but you look somewhat put together as well I guess, so it’s the best of both worlds. For me, the perfect outfit is like a black jacket with a sweater and then jeans and sneakers matching the color of the sweater. That’s what I go for. 

Can you talk to me about your jacket and shoe collections? 

I have a lot of green and olive green and navy blue stuff. I actually don’t have a pair of navy blue sneakers which is always something that’s been on my mind to match various jackets and sweaters that I have that are navy blue, so I may get a pair of those eventually. Usually the sweaters will be more colorful and I’ll put on a jacket or something that’s more of a black or a beige or not as vibrant colored. 

What’s your favorite thing in your closet? 

My favorite thing in my closet...I think it has to be this jacket that I got from my granddad. He was a really big golfer and apparently this is what golf jackets looked like in the 90’s. It has this neck -- I don’t even know what you’d call it, like a collar snap. Originally it had a hood but I cut that off because I didn’t really like it. It also has these three tones [teal, white, and grey] which are really hard to match with anything because it’s this bright sparkly teal and I can’t find many other things that have a similar color. 

Can you tell me about the necklace you’re wearing?

So my granddad in the 70’s went on a business trip to Saudi Arabia and my mom really liked horses at the time so he got her this horseshoe necklace. I guess she wore it when she was younger, but when I got these gold rimmed glasses, she was like, “you need some bling to match that.” Now, I guess it’s a family heirloom you could say. 


How has Bowdoin influenced your style, if at all? 

Where I’m from, it’s a pretty similar climate, it gets just as cold. I guess I’m a little bit more conscious about the weather here because you’re always outside and walking between classes. There’s definitely some frustration with that though, you see a temperature and think, “ I wanted to wear this but can I still wear it?” And sometimes I’ll just go for it and be absolutely freezing, but at least I look good!


Do you think your style represents who you are?

I’m pretty introverted and quiet and reserved, I’d say, so I guess in a way, when I put on a nice outfit or something, that’s kind of expressing my personality without me necessarily having the confidence to be able to in certain social situations. I’d say now that I’m getting into producing music, I’m definitely influenced by things that DJs are wearing. There’s this one DJ named Don Diablo who created this whole futuristic brand for himself, with futuristic clothes and accessories. That’s kind of part of that dream of becoming a well known DJ or something and maybe eventually creating my own brand in the same way that he did. 

How did you first get into fashion?

It’s funny because I’ve always been into sneakers. I think in third grade I got a pair of Kobe Frees which was one of the original Kobe Nike shoes and honestly, that was my favorite pair of sneakers I’ve ever had.  I don’t even think I have them anymore, my mom always donates our old shoes so maybe some other third grader is looking for those shoes at a thrift store, who knows. I think those shoes are what sparked my interest in fashion, though, and through that, eventually it spread to clothing.


How would you say sports influence your style?

I’m a big Arsenal fan, but I actually don’t have that much Arsenal gear. I always wore Oregon stuff, because I was really obsessed with the Oregon football team and their crazy uniforms. My high school friends will say they always see me in Oregon stuff, but now I really love looking at what NBA players are wearing when they enter the arena. For soccer, they have to coordinate with the rest of the team, but for the NBA it’s a little looser and it’s definitely become a thing where NBA players make fashion statements when they enter the arena.