Brunswick Girls Academy

Our mission is to instill progressive, self-defined virtues within our students.

The virtues of domesticity and purity that were imposed onto us are

artifacts of an old world where young ladies’ needs were secondary

and their wants were non-existent.

We actively work to flip the script.

A student at Brunswick Girls Academy is a boss in every sense of the word— fierce,

direct and unapologetic.

Our women are competitive, though

they maintain a deep, underlying sense of


We are looking to mold the future leaders of the

world while creating a powerful network.

We are the cult of new womanhood

Photography: Ellery Harkness, Darius Riley, Annie Schiffer, Niles Singer, Franklin Taylor

Models: Anu Asaolu, Astrid Self, Phoebe Zipper, Ella Schmidt, Marianne Tissot, Sadie LoGerfo-Olsen

Styling & HMUA: Katie Filiakova, Ana Lozada-Smith, Jessica Speight, Zoë Sarrazin

Production: Vanessa Apira, Karlye Pallotta, Hailey Wozniak

October 2018