Birds of Paradise

As the Rain Trickles down to the forest floor

to the damp depths where shadows explore

where a lack of beauty is the norm

for every creature of every form

But above the darkness there is a light

A species of bird majestic in flight

That boasts a palette like no other

An amalgamation of vibrant color

For their rich hues serve as advice 

They are the birds of paradise

Models: Hideyoshi Akai, Ingabire Kayihura, Francesca Haines
Photography: Niles Singer, Franklin Taylor, Darius Riley

HMUA & Styling: Camille Farradas, Christine Chapman-Sung, Jessica Speight, Katie Filiakova, Zoë Sarrazin, Calla Chan, Ana Lozada-Smith

Production: Hailey Wozniak, Karlye Pallotta

December 2018