Avant-Garb Magazine is Bowdoin’s premier student-run fashion publication. It was created in the Fall of 2017 as a platform for fashion, beauty, and culture on campus. We produce original content that reflects and celebrates the different styles and traditions of the student body. Avant-Garb seeks to demonstrate that fashion is more than aesthetic but rather, a powerful, ever-changing medium. We hope we can inspire you to engage with your own identity, expression, and fashion through our content.

We just finished producing our inaugural Spring 2017/2018 issue. 

Open to the entire Bowdoin College community, Avant-Garb offers students the opportunity to lend their skills and demonstrate their talent in writing, photography, styling, hair, makeup, web design, editing and layout. Contact us at avantgarbmagazine@gmail.com

Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder: Hailey Wozniak



Year: 2020

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Major: History 

Minor: Cinema Studies

At AVG Mag, Hailey oversees the performance and coordination of all the departments, manages logistics and communication, and leads the development and vision of the Magazine. She is responsible for reporting on and writing about student style, coordinating photoshoots, and researching current trends in fashion, politics, beauty, and culture.  

Outside of AVG Mag, Hailey is on the cross-country and equestrian teams at Bowdoin, and works as a dog-walker and alumni caller. She loves tacos, films with ambiguous endings, cappuccinos, speaking Romance Languages, and doing anything creative. You can find her speed walking somewhere on campus, probably for AVG Magazine. 


Media Director and Co-Founder: Darius Riley


Year: 2019

Hometown: East Palo Alto, California

Major: Visual Arts

At AVG Mag, Darius researches and conceptualizes Lookbook ideas and contributes his photography and editing skills to bring you images for Lookbooks and AVG Mag's "What's in your Closet?" interviews. He is also responsible for recruiting new members and models as well as maintaining the layout and design of the website.

Outside of AVG Mag, Darius uses his camera to connect with people in a way he never imagined. When he's not looking for the perfect shot with his camera, he's looking for the perfect shot on the basketball court, or making a new dope rap playlist on Soundcloud and Spotify (Isaiah Rashad is one of his favorite rappers). 


Production Director: Ashley Williams


Year: 2021

Hometown: Lake Forest, IL

Major: Government and Legal Studies and Economics

At AVG Mag, Ashley leads the Production Staff. She is responsible for coordinating projects, creating the budget, and communicating with the Student Activities office. In addition to her production duties, Ashley oversees the Social Media & Marketing content and campaigns.  

Outside of AVG mag, Ashley competes on the varsity women’s volleyball team, is a mentor for the Bowdoin Central School and a member of Bowdoin Women in Business. In her free time, Ashley loves to travel the world, watch old black & white films, shop, and spend time with her two Labrador Retrievers Bella and Sophie.



Editorial Director: Chris Ritter


Year: 2021

Hometown: Lexington, VA

Major: Undecided

At AVG mag, Chris oversees all things writing. As leader of the editorial research team, Chris conceptualizes and curates A Closer Look pieces to showcase Bowdoin students’ unique perspectives on fashion, music and culture at Bowdoin and beyond. A reporter and photographer, Chris also manages and edits WYC interviews to display student style.

Outside of AVG Mag, Chris covers the music world by photographing concerts in Portland and writing for Genius. On campus, Chris writes and photographs for the Orient, plays bari sax in the Bowdoin Jazz ensemble, and works as co-Social chair of the eBoard. Chris prefers spending his time surfing, climbing trees, making breakfast sandwiches, and taking awkward pictures of his friends.



Social Chair: Lexie Freund


Year: 2021

Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA

Major: Government and Legal Studies

Minor: French

At AVG Mag, Lexie leads the Social Media & Marketing team. She develops marketing strategies, Instagram content and publicizes AVG’s events around campus. She also manages AVG’s social calendar and plans club events and outings.

Outside of AVG Mag, Lexie competes on the varsity volleyball team and sings the National Anthem at home games. In her free time, she is a member of the Cash Coalition, mentor for the Bowdoin Central School and a vintage fashion enthusiast.